Quick Answer: Who were the stars of the movie ‘the best offer?

Where was The Best Offer filmed?

Filming took place in a period of five to six weeks in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Vienna, Prague, and South Tyrol.

Is The Best Offer worth watching?

the story is great but the plot is even better. … If you love art, psychology, suspense, love stories, in short, if you love life, this movie will surprise you. A great cast of characters and works of art (TONS!) complete the work and make it an unmissable, different from all the other great movies of Tornatore.

Who is Billy in The Best Offer?

Donald Sutherland: Billy Whistler.

What does Ebay best offer mean?

Best Offer lets you offer the seller a price you’re willing to pay for the item. … Best Offer is a great way to buy the item you’ve been looking for at a bargain price. As well as saving money, you won’t have to wait for the listing to end to buy your item, if the seller accepts your offer.

Is The Best Offer on Netflix?

Sorry, The Best Offer is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Taiwan and start watching Taiwanese Netflix, which includes The Best Offer.

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What is the meaning of best offer?

When you start getting offers on an item you’re selling, you may see a Best Offer banner. It highlights the largest offer you’ve received on something that’s selling for a negotiable price. Use it as a guide to help you decide on an acceptable price and select a buyer.

What happened at the end of best offer?

In The Best Offer’s denouement, as Oldman (Rush) begins to understand exactly what has happened, there is a series of events involving him going to a restaurant in Prague, moving into a new room furnished to his specifications, finding a tracker in the boot of his car, and eventually him in an asylum.

Is Best Offer a good idea on eBay?

Best Offer is a great way to buy the item you’ve been looking for at a bargain price. As well as saving money, you won’t have to wait for the listing to end to buy your item, if the seller accepts your offer.

How much should I offer for best offer on eBay?

Your Best Offer obviously needs to be less than the “Buy It Now” option – the trick is determining by how much. A seller isn’t likely to let their item go for much less than the Buy It Now price, so think critically about a suggestion that is less than what they are asking for with Buy It Now.

Should I accept best offer on eBay?

  1. Best offer option items are ranked higher on eBay search engine. 2. Reaching potential buyers, i.e., if you have an expensive fixed price item which isn’t easily affordable, the best offer option can make it affordable for people who couldn’t buy it for full price.

Why does my eBay listing say or best offer?

When you add the Best Offer option to your eBay listings, you’re inviting buyers to negotiate with you. … If you want to encourage buyers interested in your items to make a purchase, you can also send them offers.

How do you respond to that best offer?

  1. Recognise the Question and Provide More Information.
  2. Enlighten the customers on the value they’ll get.
  3. Let the customers explore their options on their own time.
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How do you win a final and best offer?

The key to winning a best and final offer is to present yourself in the best position to match the future plans of the seller, meaning that buyers should try to establish a seller’s motivations for selling.

How many offers can you decline on eBay?

Buyers only get five offers for the same item (10 for most vehicle categories). If you make an offer, and the seller rejects or counters it, you can send a maximum of five counteroffers. Expired offers, declined offers, and retracted offers all count towards the limit of five Best Offers per item.

Is it okay to decline an offer on eBay?

When submitting a Best Offer, you enter into a binding agreement to pay for the item at the agreed upon rate if it’s accepted by the seller. eBay Best Offers automatically expire after 48 hours if the seller does not accept, and the seller can reject or counter your offer during this time.

How do I find my best offer on eBay 2021?

  1. Perform a search on eBay for the item you’re interested in.
  2. Tick the “Sold Listings” checkbox to show only completed listings.
  3. Explore the search results.
  4. When you find an item that sold with a best offer, click it.

What is considered a lowball offer?

A lowball offer refers to an offer that is far less than the seller’s asking price or is deliberately too low, as a means of starting negotiations.

Should you offer less than the asking price?

Offering 5% to 10% below the asking price Do ample research so you can argue what the home’s true market value is. Many agents will recommend slightly higher listing prices with the assumption buyers will want to negotiate down, so don’t be afraid to try to snag a deal — especially if the home didn’t sell quickly.

Do watchers on eBay usually bid?

Though it takes days to accumulate watchers, most of these people won’t actually bid until the auction is nearly closed. Once your auction is down to its last half-hour or so, it will also begin to appear in “closing soon” results, which can draw in still more bidders.

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What happens if I decline a counter offer on eBay?

If you accept a counteroffer, you’re committing to buy the item and you’ll need to complete payment like any other eBay purchase. If you don’t respond to the seller’s counteroffer, it’ll expire after 48 hours, or when the listing ends—whichever comes first.

What happens if you make an offer on eBay and don’t pay?

A seller may cancel an unpaid order if the buyer doesn’t pay or contact them within 4 calendar days. … All unpaid items are recorded on a buyer’s account. Buyers who have excessive unpaid items, or canceled transactions, may have limits imposed, or lose their buying privileges.

How does buy it now or best offer work on eBay?

‘Buy It Now or Best Offer’ is one where sellers make their ideal price known to buyers, but also acknowledge they might be willing to accept a little less, depending on the total offered and the length of time into a listing it comes.

Which country has free Netflix?

Netflix Free Subscription: One of the biggest and most popular streaming platforms in the world, Netflix, has announced to offer a free subscription of its mobile plan in Kenya. With this, users in the market will get access to about a quarter of TV shows and movies streaming on the platform.

How can I get Netflix for free forever?

  1. Sign Up with Fios TV.
  2. Choose a triple play package which will include television, phone, and internet.
  3. After a certain period of time span maybe a month or two you’ll receive an email by Verizon’s for free Netflix.
  4. Login and enjoy your Netflix.

What country has the best Netflix 2021?

New data shows that Ireland had the biggest Netflix media library in the world, with 6,379 titles available on the platform as of January 2021. Second was Malaysia with 6,361 titles, followed by Indonesia and Philippines.

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