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Squid Game in real life: 456 players and $ 456,000 to be won, here is the full video

The famous YouTuber MrBeast has recreated Squid Game in real life. It brought together 456 random participants who competed for a chance to win $ 456,000. All the sets from the Netflix series were reproduced for this project.

A few weeks ago, the famous YouTuber MrBeast launched a challenge to his community. He promised to recreate Squid Game if his TikTok video reached 10 million likes. The objective was obviously easily achieved. All the sets for the hit series that is expected to generate $ 900 million for Netflix have been accurately reproduced. This is MrBeast’s most expensive project to date. His budget was set at $ 2 million, but the project ultimately cost him $ 3.5 million to be achieved.

Squid Game in real life – Credit: MrBeast

MrBeast has reunited 456 random players. They competed for the sum of $ 456,000. All participants walk away with $ 2,000, regardless of which event they are eliminated. The rules have obviously been changed from the original Squid Game for the safety of participants. The game video was just shared online just a few hours ago, but it has been viewed nearly 12 million times.

Participants of this Squid Game have a stomach pouch that explodes when eliminated

MrBeast’s video obviously started with the infamous One, Two, Three, Sun with the Giant Doll game. Moreover, a fan had reproduced this scene in LEGO. The 456 players had 30 minutes to cross the room and reach the red line. Participants who move to “sun” are obviously not shot like in the series, but they are all the same eliminated. Indeed, all players are equipped with a kind of belly pocket that explodes when they lose.

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Then the players faced off on the following Squid Game events, namely the Dalgona candy, the rope test, the marbles and the glass stepping stones. We have also prepared a classification of the events, from the easiest to the most difficult.

MrBeast added a Ddakji test and the musical chairs game

In his video, MrBeast also added a test of Ddakji. This traditional Korean game that is played with folded papers was used by the Salesman in the Netflix series to recruit participants. Fans have a crazy theory about the origins of the recruiter. We may know more in Season 2 which was recently made official.

Finally, MrBeast decided to replace the final squid test which is an old traditional Korean game with a children’s game that all participants knew. The six finalist players therefore faced each other on the test of musical chairs. The losers were evacuated to a fake coffin like the one in Squid Game. The winner walked away with $ 456,000.

Source: ComicBook

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